Jolly Bouy Island

Jolly Bouy Island

Considered a standout amongst the most visited traveler goals on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Jolly Buoy Island has enough in its store to entertain its guests whenever. Surprisingly engaging its turquoise waters and the encompassing greenery, perfect corals and long white sand shorelines. Investigate the wonderfulness of the Andamans with its stunningly delightful coastline and its rich forested insides, improved by the tropical sun thrashing on you as approach your campaigns. Laze around on the sun-toasted shorelines and simply chill, in each feeling of that word.

The white sand on Jolly Buoy shoreline is warm and the precious stone waters welcoming. The outing to Jolly Buoy Island in ship takes around 45 minutes. Jolly Buoy Island has shallow shoreline, clean water empowering the visitors to swim, play in water. Jolly Buoy offers quiet blue and completely clear shallow waters which are ideal spot for first time swimmers.

Jolly Buoy Island, and the neighboring Red Skin Island, are a piece of the Mahatma Gandhi National Park. Being a marine national stop it is very much secured, enabling the local species to flourish absent much human impedance. This has made the environment considerably more wonderful. The water here is as spotless and clear as it gets and guests can encounter the un-contacted characteristic magnificence there.

The glass bottom boat ride at Jolly Buoy or Red Skin island is a novel affair. It is a unique boat that permits dynamite perspectives of the submerged corals and fishes. This without the burdens and necessities expected to physically go under the water’s surface! It’s optimal for all ages and very suggested.


  • Watch lovely oceanic life, bright submerged corals from glass bottomed water crafts
  • Take a dip or a dunk in the turquoise blue waters and feel the white silk sands at your feet
  • Take a short trip through the thick tropical wildernesses encompassed by the shoreline
  • Multi day excursion to one of India’s most very much saved normal marine eco-framework in Andaman and Nicobar
  • Appreciate swimming among the most lovely corals and bounteous marine life