Mayabunder Island

Mayabunder Island

Mayabunder is a town and a district (tehsil) in the northern piece of Middle Andaman Island, Andaman Archipelago, India. The name is likewise spelled Maya Bunder or Maya Bandar. Starting at 2001, the province had 23.912 occupants, of which 3182 were in the town. It was settled in the British provincial time frame by migrants from Myanmar and ex-convicts from Mainland India.

Spots to visit in and around Mayabunder Island

Karmatang Beach is an awesome beach situated at a distance of 12 km/7.5 m from Mayabunder. This beach, with perfectly clear water and rich coral hold is a turtle settling ground and furthermore has mangrove line springs – nature sweethearts charm.

Pokhadera Beach is another little beach near Mayabunder pier. Another beach which is celebrated for coral review, and situated in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. At the beach one can likewise enjoy swimming and swimming exercises.

Different Creeks including Austin Creek offer a lifetime experience of cruising through the evergreen mangrove bordered brook, with extraordinary widely varied vegetation all around. These are perfect for nature darlings, feathered creature watchers, look into/training focused vacationers, who are additionally touchy to environment

Beam Hill, at a distance of 20 minutes boat ride from Mayabunder breakwater, houses an Eco Village created and kept up by ANIFPDCL. The offices accessible incorporate eco guesthouses, wild trail, and elephant safari, shake moving for youngsters, calculating, and little library. An Ideal place for family vacationers

Avis Island is a little excellent island otherwise called Coconut Island. This island 15 minutes by pontoon ride has a scaled down beach with completely clear water and is a perfect cookout spot.

Austin X island, at a distance of 25 minutes pontoon ride from Mayabunder wharf, has a palm bordered little beach and a shallow ocean with mangrove belt. This is a perfect spot for cookout and trekking. Spotted deer coming to water openings is likewise a typical sight.

Woods Museum, situated in DFO office (near Mayabunder pier), houses an uncommon accumulation of coral life and fauna. It likewise has an Information Center to advise guests of the accumulations in the historical center. Perfect for look into/instruction situated vacationers

Anmol Driftwood Museum, kept running by a private business person, is comprised of a fascinating accumulation of woodworks. A perfect place for general intrigue voyagers.