Long Island

Long Island is a little island in the Andaman Islands of India

Long Island has next to no foundation. There is one little town, and just 1 government rest house that must be reserved through Port Blair. In any case, there is a brilliant lodging (eco hovels) kept running by exceptionally cordial individuals called the Blue Planet. The rates for the eco-cottages are sensible and the sustenance is very great. They can likewise make game plans for visit to close-by islands through dongis (little mechanized sailboats)


The town is spread out on the western side of the island inside a decent strolling separation of the watercraft wharf, and you need to stroll: there are no autos or rickshaws, just tight cemented ways on the off chance that you are fortunate. A significant part of the island is forested and unexplored, and not by any means mapped: even the police don’t have an exact guide of the island!


As in whatever is left of the Andaman Islands, the atmosphere is a genuinely relentless 27-32C consistently, with a decent shot of heavy rainstorm rain among May and September. The primary visitor season begins in October and experiences to March/April. Long Island is protected on the western side by different islands and the town was not very gravely influenced by the tidal wave. Lalaji Bay is more uncovered.