Sea Kart at Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Starting from INR 3500 / Person
Sea Kart at Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Activity Overview

Sea Kart at Corbyn’s Cove Beach Port Blair

A family-friendly, exhilarating activity in Port Blair. Introduced in 2020 amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Andaman Islands, Sea Karting has emerged as a thrilling adventure for water-sport lovers. You will embark on the sea karting journey from the scenic Corbyn’s Cove Beach. The seakarts are designed to accommodate three people, including a seat for the professional instructor who will drive the vehicle for the entire journey. One of the most alluring features of this activity is that anyone can take the reins and steer the sea kart. The ride will take around 20-30 minutes.


Currently, Sea Kart is only available at Corbyn’s Cove Beach within the Andaman Islands.

Things to remember for Sea Kart at Corbyn’s Cove Beach

  • A Sea Kart can carry only three people – one instructor and two guests.
  • The tourists will have a 10-minute self-drive session before starting the journey. The age requirement for self-driving is between 18 and 60 years old.
  • Ensure that you carry appropriate swimsuits for a Sea Kart ride.
  • Patients with cardiac problems are advised against participating in sea karting.
  • Sea Karting requires sunny weather and perfect sea conditions for a seamless experience.

The ride starts at Corbyn’s Cove Beach and follows through to the Flag Point near Ross Island, from where it returns, covering around 5-6 Km in total. The ride lasts for about 20 minutes, making it one of the longest sea adventures you can have in the Andaman Islands.

General Information:
  • Seakart is only available at Port Blair.
  • The activity is suitable for people of all ages above 6.
  • The minimum age for self-driving the Seakart is 18 and max age is 60.
  • Children between ages 6-17 are allowed to sit on the Seakart.
  • Make sure to keep appropriate swimsuits along with you.
  • It is advised to pre-book this activity due to limited seats.

About the Trip:

The trip starts at the Seakart Adventure Lounge at Corbyn’s Cove Beach, where you are given a warm welcome. Soon you will move for a pre-excursion briefing that details the dos and don’ts. After you are done with the liability waivers, you can move forward to the changing rooms and get ready for the adventure.

Soon after this, you will be taken to the Seakart and the drive will begin.


  • Sea Kart Ride for 20 minutes.
  • Self-drive from Corbyn’s Cove Beach to Ross Island and return (no stopover at Ross Island)
  • Training and‌ Support.
  • Locker, Shower, and Changing Room Facilities.
  • Complete ground and sea assistance during the trip.
  • Complimentary DSLR Video.
Pricing of Sea Kart:

Seakart Costs INR 3,700 per person when shared by 2 people who take turns driving the kart.

The same cost changes to INR 5,700 per person for 1 person who drives the kart by themselves and can be accompanied by a child of 6-12 years of age 2,500.


Is Sea Kart Safe?

Yes. The riding or driving of Sea Kart is done under a planned, controlled, and properly supervised model. You are always accompanied by an instructor and a lifeboat is always behind you for any mishaps. Moreover, will also be wearing life jackets during the whole excursion for further safety.

I don’t know how to swim, can I still enjoy Sea Kart?

Yes, riding or driving Sea Kart doesn’t require any swimming skills and you don’t need any swimming experience to enjoy this activity.

What happens if the Kart rolls over or sinks?

The Sea Kart is made to be practically unsinkable thanks to its design and proper use of buoyant materials. Moreover, the structure is made to be as tough as possible. In addition to this, you are always accompanied by an instructor onboard along with life jackets.

Who shouldn’t participate in this activity?

People who have any kind of heart ailments or had heart surgery, angina or blood vessel surgery, color blindness, Asthma or wheezing with breathing or exercise, sinusitis or bronchitis, any lung disease, epilepsy, seizures or history of blackouts or fainting, high blood pressure, bleeding or blood disorder, ear disease, hearing loss, history of diabetes, arthritis, any history of injury to the bone or bone marrow can avoid this activity for added safety.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

For any urgent booking or If you require any urgent assistance, you may call us at +91 – 9434282041 / 9933204095 (10:00 AM – 7:00 PM) Get in touch with Team:- WhatsApp us number +91 – 9434282041.

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