How to plan

How to plan

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are famous for their pristine blue beaches and white sands, and are home to some things which are unique only to the Andamans. Yet there is a lack of clarity when one decides on a trip to Andaman and Nicobar. It is even more saddening when Indian people themselves lack knowledge of these islands.

So here are some answers to those basic questions that arise if one decides to travel to the islands.

Do you need a passport and Visa for a trip to Andaman and Nicobar islands?

Since Andaman and Nicobar Islands also BELONG TO INDIA, one does not need a passport or a visa to visit the islands if you are an Indian national. However for Foreigners (non–Indians), apart from the passport a RAP – Restricted Area Permit is needed to visit the island(s). And this can be easily obtained once you land at the Port Blair airport or the harbour.

What is the best time for a trip to Andaman and Nicobar islands?

The ideal season to plan your vacation to the islands is from October to May end. The weather remains perfect for an ideal beach vacation and therefore making it the ‘peak’ season as well.

Hence plan well in advance. I would suggest at least 3 to 4 months before so that even the flight fares are reasonable and do not stop you from making a trip to the islands.

How do I reach the Andamans?

Port Blair is actually well connected to major cities in India by air. There are flights extensively from Chennai and Kolkata besides Delhi, Bangalore. The Chennai and Kolkata flights are direct non stop flights while others have a stop or layover. One can also choose to travel to the islands via a ship which is a three day travel. Five ships operate from Chennai, Visakhapatnam and Kolkata to Port Blair which run on schedules (and only cancel if weather conditions are bad specially during monsoons). These ships usually have basic amenities like theatre, cafeteria, deck canteen, recreation room, swimming pool etc.

How many days will I need?

We advice you plan a trip for a minimum of seven days. A week is at least needed to experience all the amazing things these beautiful islands have to offer you. We, at Islewalk, very well understand that you may not have that much time available for trip. Keeping this in mind we have packages for different time duration. You can visit out packages section to check and select the package that best suits your needs. You can always call us or mail us to discuss further about your requirements.

What not to miss on a trip to Andaman and Nicobar islands?

– Cellular Jail at any cost. Not many places in India exist where you get to feel so close to the struggle of Indian Independence by the freedom fighters. The light and sound show in the evening is an added attraction to your visit to the National Heritage of India buildings.

– Whether or not you know swimming, scuba diving is a must! An experience of a lifetime. You can do scuba diving for a nominal fare at North Bay or Havelock

– Other water sport activities like snorkeling, sea walking, Speed Boating, Jet Skiing etc. You will find complete list of activities available at Andaman & Nicobar Islands by clicking here.

– If you know surfing, then few of the beaches in Andaman are perfect for surfing.

– Ross Island – it does not have a beach but it’s an island right in the middle of the ocean and is usually called the gateway to Port Blair. There is something really nice about this island.

– Havelock and Neil if not any of the above.

– Limestone cave if you are staying for long or can fit it in your itinerary.

– Do not forget to shop for shells and corals from the Sagarika Emporium in Port Blair which is government run. You would also find such shops in almost all the beach side.

Points to Note

– Photography is not allowed when you land at the Port Blair Airport due to security reasons.

– Littering the beaches is a punishable offense

– Beaches/Areas where there warning signs like Swimming is Not Allowed need to be taken seriously.

– If you are visiting the islands in a scheduled plan, kindly stick to the timings, though there are chances that due to sudden weather changes the timings could be changed.

– Carry your ID proof for booking tickets and inter island travels.

– Book your water sports in advance to avoid last minute surprises and high prices.

– If travelling with kids and elderly please provide all necessary instructions to us well in advance.

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    Entry formailities

     Foreigner Nationals

    All foreign nationals can stay in the islands for 30 days. This can be extended by another 15 days with permission. They require a permit to stay from the immigration authorities. In addition, permits can also be obtained from: Indian Missions Overseas, Foreigner's Registration Offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta and the immigration authorities at the airports at Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Chennai.

     For Indians

    Indians need no permit to visit Andamans Islands. But permits are required to visit Nicobar Islands and other tribal areas, which are given in exceptional cases. Application on a prescribed form may be addressed to the Deputy Commissioner, Andaman District, Port Blair.