Tips To Spend Honeymoon in Andaman In 2019

4th December 2019
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Tips To Spend Honeymoon in Andaman In 2019

Most of the time newly married couples in India prefer overseas destination over the Indian counterparts for enjoying the honeymoon. But some places in India offer a better destination for honeymoon and if you want to explore such places, book a memorable trip to Andaman. In this Andaman honeymoon packageyou can stay in a luxurious room with a romantic ambiance, get rejuvenated at a spa, and enjoy the beach side candlelight dinner with your loved ones.

When to visit Andaman Nicobar:

  • The climate is pleasant with less variation in the temperature. The best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar Island is considered from November to mid-May.
  • Monsoons are suggested to be avoided for visit Andaman because of the high tide waves, incessant rainfall accompanied by wind.

If you are amongst those newlywed couples who are planning to have the most romantic honeymoon ever, opt for the Andaman honeymoon package and look out for some unusual alterations which will make your trip an ever-relishing experience.

Check out these awesome tips that will be useful for you to enhance your honeymoon trip.

Snorkeling and scuba diving in Andaman:

To explore the delicate underwater marine life snorkeling is an enthralling way to observe. Though, the delight of snorkeling in Andaman is all too added persuasive, outstanding to its warm and clear waters as well as its attractive underwater genus.

Parasailing in Andaman:

For thriller seeker,Parasailing a perfect blend of water and air. This fabulous thrilling activity gives you a chance to pursue your dream of flying like a bird. In parasailing activity, one end of a cord is fixed to the boat and the other one is attached to the para sailor, harness with the parachute lets one enjoy a bird-flight experience up in the sky. Get ready to indulge in this adventure with your newbie.

Mount Harriet National Park:

If you are a nature lover, then this spot will definitely allure you. Mount Harriet national park is one of the foremost attractions for the tourists in Andaman. Being an accurate traveler’s amusement, the sanctuary is a combination of various places and an amazing assortment of natural beauty.

Sea-walk in Andaman:

Sea-walk undoubtedly is a lifetime experience for all the non-swimmers. This is one of the most amazing ways to witness the dazzling underwater sea life. One of the most memorable adventures is the close-up encounter with the implausible fauna, corals, and an unrestrained collection of fish in their normal environment.

Cellular jail:

Cellular jail, which is also known as Kala Pani ki Saaza, is one of the best attractions in Port Blair. British rulers sent freedom fighters to this jail where they go through severe tortures. For the purpose lonely imprisonment, the jail was named as Cellular jail. Now after the damage it turns into National Memorial and a holy site devoted to all our national guard.  So those who love to explore the historic places, this could be one of the best places of Andaman to visit.

Food Lovers’ Paradise:

Andaman is such a place that can tempt anybody with its coastal cuisines. The seafood here stands as a lip-smacking delicacy. Going out for a dinner date with your better-half during your honeymoon in Andaman can be just perfect. Ranging from small restaurants to star hotels, each and every cuisine will lure your taste buds. For vegetarians, the most recommended restaurant is Annapurna, which is located at MG Road; whereas another veg option can be to try out the most sought-after alooka parantha found at Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island). You can also try out the South Indian foods at any near-by food stall.

Overall this heaven like archipelago offers the best honeymoon destination for newly married couples in India. The mesmerizing scenic beauty of the sea at the backdrop of small mountains and forests remains head & shoulder above all other destinations in India. It is really a unique and unparalleled experience for those who are looking for Andaman low price tour package.