Kayaking In Andaman Islands

27th March 2020
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Kayaking In Andaman Islands

While you are travelling with the Andaman tour package to visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, as the anchor slid into the Andaman Sea, a hush of expectation with eagerness descends on the boat. Here comes the excitement of the tourists who are dwarfed by the limestone karsts that punctuate the seascape between the Phuket Island and Krabi on the southern shore of Thailand, looking forward to the best water sports and adventure. The tourists without the proper guide do not really get to know what to expect as the crew unloads the bright yellow kayaks. Will they have to paddle? Will they be able to find their way in the dark caves?

All these questions would soon be answered as the head guide gave the briefing. Once the tourists who have made their way to Andaman for Kayaking in Andaman Islands had put on our life vests, the guide would further explain you that you would pair-up and join one of the guides waiting in their kayaks which by then would spread out around the boat like ducklings around their mother. Stepping cautiously onto your chosen kayak, it might happen that you grin nervously at the guide who might beam a typical Thai smile. If you do a good research about Thailand you will surely enjoy and would have more to learn about the paradise on Earth.

You would feel the Andaman tour package from Bangalore or the Andaman tour package from Kolkata or the Andaman tour package from Chennai is really worthy enough of the money that you have spent. Your guide would paddle you effortlessly away from the mother ship and closer to the, by then, impressive cliffs of the island, the first of many you would be getting to know through a warm familiarly that day. If you plan out an excursion it could be pioneered by the guide you choose to roam with. It was in the late 1989 that the ‘hongs’ of Phang Nga Bay in Thailand was discovered in which the Thai word ‘hong’ means room and it refers to the open area inside these limestone islands. If you can envisage that some of these islands in Phang Nga Bay are wrought like donuts, the type with a hole in the middle. It was exposed that at low tide it is possible to follow a network of caves through the limestone rock into an inner world.

Your guide would be explaining you in his very good English that at certain points on your journey through the caves you would have to lie flat on your backs because of the low ceilings. At the same time, with such an experience you might choose to try to work out which way the tide goes running. One question might be piling up on your mind as in if these caves were only accessible at low tide, how much time would you have to get in and out before the tide turned? The ride would give your answer. Also, when you get inside there, in order to protect the environment, there is no talking and no smoking allowed. Wouldn’t that be an excellent idea for risking your limb in order to visit a pristine environment that itself is an attraction for the tourists?

With the caves becoming narrower you would manoeuvre your kayak through the dark. You would be required to lie down as the torchlight would capture a low hanging rock on your way. The ceiling of the cave would be getting closer to your face as you move further and thus you would have to turn your head to put off your nose scraping along the sharp limestone. This would be actually getting exciting for the thrill that you would experience. It would be absolutely amazing. But within minutes the cave would start to open up again and a hint of daylight would be caressed along the cavern wall.

If you are waiting for the best adventure in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands then for sure Kayaking in Andaman is the perfect fit for you without any hint of doubt. What are you still waiting for? Chalk down a plan with your guide and take this incredible drive to roam around the Havelock Island. Once you have reached there you can indulge yourself to begin with your initial training about Kayaking to pamper your love for water activities. You can start Kayaking in the Andaman Islands through the striking surroundings and travel around to discover the rich diversity of the Mangroves. The chirping of the birds would be amazing to listen along with witnessing some rare species of wildlife. It would take around two and a half hours to see the wonderful place. This would be a lifetime experience and you would be able to cherish the memories forever.

You would be squinted as you would emerge into the bright sunlight, into a land that time forgot. The trees cling to the steep scrub-covered walls of the ‘hong’ and you would feel the delight to reach out for the brilliant blue sky above. And all that you can find there is peace and tranquillity which would be an amazing experience to indulge with your loved ones. You would be elated to stay away from the hectic busy daily schedule and enjoy the quality time in the paradise on Earth.

The family of kayaks would be allowed to paddle slowly through the hong, the occupants stay in awe of this magical, secret place in southern Thailand. The only sounds that could whisper to your ears are the lapping of water, the call of the cicadas, the clicking of cameras and whispers of enthusiasm. After such a thrill, according to the movement of the tides your guide would make sure that you are through those caves in good time. The excitement would be at its peak with each ‘hong’ that you would explore and the memories of that day will never leave you if you are a travel freak.

Kayaking In Andaman Activity Overview

If you are looking for some adventure time then this Kayaking in Andaman is the perfect fit for you.

Take this incredible tour of Havelock island and once there begin your initial training about Kayaking.

Start Kayaking through the beautiful surroundings and explore the rich diversity of the Mangroves.

Listen to the chirping of birds and witness some rare species of wildlife here.

You will take this tour for around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Conclude this activity after some wonderful time and cherish these memories forever.

You will be directed in the right way to use the kayak and start the activity post training from Havelock Island Jetty. Observe the rich diversity of the precious Mangrove forest.

The timing for the activity can be customized when you book the tour.

Other Inclusions

Life Jackets and Certified Instructor.


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Comfortable shoes

Comfortable clothes


Medical Kit


Energy Bars

Water Bottle

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Maximum 10 Seats allowed per day.

Prior confirmation of the trip is a must.

The trip is subject to weather conditions. In case of bad weather, the trip will get cancelled and the amount will be refunded back.

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