Elephant Beach Havelock Island

4th April 2020
elephant beach havelock island

Elephant Beach Havelock Island

Elephant Beaches is one of the key attractions positioned on Havelock Island, in Andaman and Nicobar. It takes around twenty mines to get to the Beaches on a ferry, and the sight of the Beaches by me is enough to make you fall in love with this area. The beauty of the clean beaches, unaffected by way of man-made pollutants of this sea –side makes it unique Andaman tour package. It far one of the maximum famous beaches in Andaman and attracts a variety of traffic each year. Due to its popularity, there are many excursion organizations that set up day journeys to the seaside on a normal foundation, particularly for the duration of the pick seasons. It is very famous for the intense coral reefs that you’ll be able to locate at a depth that is as shallow as just one meter. This might sound too excellent to be authentic, however, it’s one of the things that drives tourists to go to this location at some stage in their journey to Andaman, and never makes it lose its attraction.

Elephant seaside is a public Beaches and every person can get entry to it. However, the seashore doesn’t stay open for the whole day so that you have to plan your visit all through the primary half of the day, to get as plenty time as feasible on these stunning sandy seashore and enjoy all the activities and things that the seaside has to provide. A number of the most popular attractions across the seaside include swimming, fishing, kayaking and an array of other top-notch thrilling water sports activities which are famous in Andaman. you can also discover the famous underwater global of the Andaman islands on the elephant seashore, and spot some of the maximum interesting marine lifestyles, like the well-known coral reefs, turtles, sea anemones, as well as many other varieties of colourful fish with Islewalk’s Andaman tour package from Bangalore

There are also quite some refreshment places in and across the seaside, wherein it is easy to seize some snacks or experience a right scrumptious sparkling seafood meal made from the beginning of the day. In case you choose to go to with a travel or excursion organization, then they set up the meals along with the package deal. Explore the elephant beach is right for all styles of human beings, whether or not you are touring with a set of pals, with your circle of relatives or maybe your special someone. There are sufficient sports to hold you occupied the whole day. Youngsters will experience splashing in the waves and trying out various water sports activities, even as the adults can simply lie again at the seaside and enjoy the excellent climate, as well as a few refreshments. Make sure now not to miss out on the scuba diving, as it is the most popular activity across the seaside, and can be carried out through all age organizations. So, if you are planning a go to the beautiful Andaman and Nicobar islands, you ought to ensure to make a few spaces for your itinerary for this well-known beach and try out all of the exciting activities that the seashore has to provide by Andaman package from Kolkata. For people who are interesting in journeying the Beaches, examine our detailed guide to realize all of the crucial information you’ll need to recognize earlier than going to elephant seashore.

Elephant seaside is one of the most famous beaches in Havelock Island and is best for day trips. It is about 10 km from the marketplace and guarantees a completely unique lifetime experience for the holiday-makers. It’s far very clean to attain the seaside, and you can still both hitch-hikes on a jungle path that will take about a half-hour. It’s far nicely related by boat from Havelock jetty. As you skip via the lighthouse on the boat journey, you get a tremendous experience. in contrast to snorkeling which is swimming and looking at the underwater life from the surface of the water, sea bottom taking walks is pretty the alternative and entails diving to the bottom of the ocean and strolling around and exploring the one-of-a-kind sea plant life and fish that surround you as you walk around the water.

Andaman and Nicobar islands have quite a rich marine existence and there are numerous exceptional sorts of fish that one could find swimming within the ocean. They may be all pretty friendly and that they don’t hesitate to swim around you as you discover the bottom of the sea. Snorkeling in Andaman is considered to be one of the exceptional and most popular sports that it is easy to do on elephant seaside. What make this a famous snorkeling area that attracts some of the traffic every 12 months are the coral reefs that may be seen at a depth of just one meter from the surface, which isn’t always a very commonplace phenomenon. Aside from the coral reefs, one also can find many different exclusive marine existence species along with colorful fish, sea turtles, sea snakes, and really rarely one may sight a saltwater crocodile. This experience makes this island ought to visit a location in Andaman.

Elephant seaside is located at one remote nook of Havelock Island. The pristine splendour and calm atmosphere with serene surroundings will leave you right away comfortable. Spend multiple hours on the seashore to experience absolutely rejuvenated. Sense the mild waves of the blue waters or gaze at the ones lush inexperienced trees positioned across the sizeable horizon. Truly unwind and relax on those white sands bordered by clear blue, inexperienced waters on the elephant beach. The seaside and its tranquility are tough to face up to by any traveler. You may love relaxing by using the plush inexperienced wooded area on one facet and watch those gentle waves hitting the sandy shorelines on the alternative side. Trekkers can take a natural trail thru jungle and mangroves. So, opt for best offers available with our Andaman Budget Tour Package.

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