Andaman Tour Package from Kolkata

5th March 2020
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Andaman Tour Package from Kolkata

One of the paramount tourist destinations for nature lovers is the Andaman Island. Words are really not sufficient to portray the marvellous beauty of the island. It gives mammoth opportunities to convene the astounding creatures of the maritime world by indulging in various exhilarating water activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, sea walking, jet riding etc. Travellers can arrive at the Indian archipelago either by two modes of transport —– airways or waterways. If you wish to travel by air with the Andaman tour package from Kolkata, then the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata serves as a departure point for boarding the flights to Port Blair with non-stop direct flights.

Nowadays, travelling to Andaman Island by air has been made effortless and tiresome-free by flight services covering only 2 hours 5 minutes in minimum and thereby 1304 kilometres of aerial distance will be covered in maximum. It is better to evade multi-stop airways as although the rates will be lesser, the time it will take to arrive at the first destination is more than 13 hours. There are round about 31 flights going to Port Blair from Kolkata including multi-stop and direct ones. This mode of transport really saves time and is pocket friendly if you plan it with the Andaman tour packages from Kolkata.

However, if you are not comfortable with the journey by air, another alternate option that remains is through the water. This journey through the sea can also fulfil your long time wishes to carry out a voyage which can further be satisfied by opting a passenger ship service from the Port in Kolkata to Port Blair owing to the presence of direct ships to Andaman. Kolkata, yet being among one of the selective destinations for a voyage to the Andaman Islands, the vessels, MV Nicobar and MV Akbar would get hold of more time span compared to ships from other destinations. Voyagers will have to expend nearly 66 -70 hours i.e., more than 2 days in the ship prior to reach the island. It is an advice for the travellers with seasickness that they must strictly avoid the voyage and if wishes so, the ticket can be reserved for the return travel as the same vessel will take around a minimum of 2-4 days (without any delay) to stop at Port Blair. The bookings must be done about 15 hours prior to travel. But if you plan it with the Andaman tour packages, you do not have to worry about it. The weather conditions can have an effect on the commencement of the voyage.

The Andaman tour package includes your visit to some important places like the Cellular Jail which reminds of the dreadful years of the colonial period. The visiting hours with the Light and Sound show timings in the cellular jail and the rate of charges are mentioned at the ticket counter. But on public holidays the jail remains closed. Neil Island is a supreme place for all kinds of travellers, whether it can be for the honeymoon couples or family group. It provides its best to quench their thirst of rejuvenating with the golden rays of sunrise. In the Havelock Island, the seamless landscapes and pleasant climate moulds the beach idyllic for soothing. The visitors are involved in various water activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, sunbathing, fishing and jet skiing. During the splendid evenings, the beach takes a new form and mesmerises each and every with its magical touch. The best time for the visit is during May to August and December to February.

Some of the amazing and engaging activities in Andaman Islands:

There are a number of activities which you can jump into during your holidays in Andaman. Andaman Islands can be indulging with an overabundance of water based activities. Though the standard activities such as Jet Ski Rides, Banana Rides, Speed Boat Rides, etc. seen at most of the beach attractions across India are present, Andaman Islands offers some of the immaculate activities such as Scuba Diving, Sea Walk, Sea Planes, Snorkelling and Game Fishing, introducing you a different outlook of the water world. The wonderful memories that you will make there will be cherishing for you forever.

It is a well known fact that Andaman is the best water activity in India so when you are in the island you must make sure you experience of Sea Walking and Scuba Diving. The coral reefs in Andaman Islands are the splendid ones which no one should miss. Among the other activities, the one which you can enjoy is trekking. It is suitable for the people who are looking to go off track and can indulge in this activity. You have all the rights to troll around the beaches in order to witness the amazing and beautiful views. This is one of the places in Andaman where you can find a slice of paradise during your vacation in Andaman Islands.

The Semi Submarine which is also known as the Coral Safari, is extremely recommended for kids and elder people on their visit to Andaman. Another activity which one must not miss during the vacation is the Andaman Dolphin glass boat ride. It is also a very thrilling activity that one should do in Andaman. Kayaking is another splendid activity that can be recommended to the enthusiastic couples on visit to the islands. Finally, in 2017 another exciting activity has been launched. It is regarded as India’s most unique activity called Sea Scooter and it is really a fun to see it in the Andaman.

There are some incredible historic places which deserves a visit during the tour in Andaman. These places give us a lot of information about the history of India, how the martyrs have sacrificed their lives for our independence, the torture that the Indians had to face under the British rule and so on. Andaman Islands still have the cultural vibe of the tribal communities alive. Some of the noteworthy places include the cellular jail, the Cellular Jail National Memorial, the light and sound show of the cellular jail is an exemplary of the sacrifices of the great freedom fighters of India. The wonderful picturesque of the Havelock island attracts the tourists.

The blue waters of the Neil Island are soothing and warm. The other places which deserve a mention are the wonderful Radhanagar Beach, the Elephant Beach and snorkelling, the Laxmanpur beach, the Bharatpur Beach, the Kalapathar Beach, the North Bay Island, the Ross Island, the Baratang Island and the Natural Rock Formation. The luxurious beach resorts are another major attraction for the Andaman visit. The sunset point is pleasing. You can enjoy the cruise rides to Havelock and Neil Islands.

You can experience a beach holiday like never before on this vacation to Andaman. To plan it out in a right way, you can start your holiday from Port Blair and know about the rich Indian history on a stopover to Cellular Jail. Your visit to the Cellular Jail National Memorial will be another cherishing memory for you. After you finish exploring the famous attractions of Port Blair, you will get the option to take a ferry ride to reach Havelock Island and indulge in the fun-loving water-sports activities. Then, after enjoying it, you can head to the next destination, which is the famous Neil Island.

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