Andaman Tour Package from Delhi

12th March 2020
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Andaman tour package from Delhi 

The Andaman and Nicobar Archipelago lies surrounded by the spotless clean water of Bay of Bengal. Being located to the east of the Indian mainland, it is far away from the mainland area. It has a group of around five hundred and twenty seven islands, of which only a few are open for the tourists to visit. Andaman tour packages from Delhi mostly includes the capital city of Port Blair and the famous islands of Havelock, Ross, Neil and many others. North Andaman and Baratang Islands are also popular among the travellers. From pure beaches to bewildering flora and fauna, Andaman and Nicobar islands are the habitat to all. It is also an amazing place for tourists visit as well as bird watching. Some of the most popular birds which are found in Andaman are Andaman crake, Andaman woodpigeon, the Andaman woodpecker, Andaman drongo, Andaman cuckoo shrike, Andaman flower pecker, etc.

The Andaman and Nicobar Island tour packages contain sightseeing, furnished hotels, transfers, tickets, ground support and breakfast. Mainly, the below packages takes care of the whole thing required during your Andaman and Nicobar trip right from the time you arrive at the capital city, Port Blair airport to the time you depart from Delhi. If you need any further customization to the Andaman packages then our expert holiday professionals will be elated to make essential changes to the itinerary.

The packages of Andaman and Nicobar islands are mainly for nine nights and ten days Andaman Tour Package. There are other packages as well for different duration of time. You can go through the website to gather some information about the experience of the travellers who have visited Andaman Islands with the Andaman tour package of a certain time period. It will be helpful for you. You can visit all the major attractions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, like South Andaman, Middle Andaman and North Andaman and Nicobar islands were visited by him.

There are many local festivals that are celebrated in Andaman during specific time periods of the year. The Tourism Festival in Island, the Festival of Mari Amman and the Panguni Utharam Festival are some of the famous festivals which are celebrated locally in Andaman apart from the popular ones celebrated in the Indian mainland. The major attractions during your Andaman visit are the renowned Cellular Jail, Port Blair- Neil Island, Ross Island, Havelock Island and many other beaches and resorts. The light and sound show of the Cellular Jail has a historical significance. On reaching the Veer Savarkar International Airport, the representative of the tour company will pick and drop the travellers to the hotel that you have booked for five or six or seven days respective packages.

After you finish with the lunch in the hotel, the travellers will be taken to the Cellular Jail. It was intended in cellular architectural style in order to cut off freedom fighters during the colonial period. Being followed by the visit to the jail museum, the travellers can eyewitness the Light and sound show in both languages-Hindi and English languages. It gives a distinctive ordeal narration of sturdy cooperation with their flexibility contenders and their courageous war for autonomy, to bring freedom to India. After the show, the travellers can safely return to their hotel under the guidance of the tour company. The visit to the Cellular Jail is included under any package of Andaman tour package from Delhi.

You can also visit the Neil Island of the Port Blair. You can check-out from the resort and then board to Neil Island, which is also known as ‘Shaheed Dweep’ via ferry. After you relax in your resort, being a traveller, you will be taken to some popular beaches like Beach of Laxmanpur, Beach of Bharatpur, Beach of Sitapur, etc where you can witness the best views of sunset and sunrise. One can also pamper in various water activities in these beaches, where you will be connected with the amazing mysteries of underneath sea. Later, you can come back to resort for overnight stay.

After you visit the Neil Island, you will board back to the capital city of Port Blair through the jetty. On the way back to the hotel, the travellers will be taken to Asia’s oldest saw mill which is known as the ‘Chatham Saw Mill’, located around the Neil Island. It was the most important source of timber and was built by colonial regime in the year 1883. If you are a shopper holic, then you have plenty of options made of wood to buy. Over there, you could find wooden furniture, carvings made from padauk wood and many gifts or show case items such as saltwater crocodiles, balancing dolls and many more. By evening you will be done with shopping, you can enter the hotel after your tiring day. After you check-out from the resort, the representative of the Andaman tour company you had selected will drop you to the Veer Savarkar International Airport. In between, travellers will be allowed to gather souvenirs.

The Andaman tour packages consist of visit to different places in Andaman but the places you visit depends on your duration of stay there. Also, it depends on the package that you choose. All the packages are unique and have some special discounts and offers. If you travel by air, the time of your travel would be around three hours and thirty-five minutes. There are no direct flights available from Delhi to Andaman. However, there are flights from Delhi to Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore from where again you can board on a flight for Andaman. If you want to hen sailing your half way through the ship by halting at three different places, it varies. Another major query of the travellers is about the availability of food in Andaman. There is nothing to worry about it as numerous restaurants that have been set up there which are serving North Indian Food in Andaman. Some of the popular eateries in Port Blair which needs a mention are TSG Emerald View, Annapurna Cafeteria, Punjabi Dhaba and Shakahaar.

Some of the amazing and engaging activities in Andaman Islands:

There are a number of activities which you can jump into during your holidays in Andaman. Andaman Islands can be indulging with an overabundance of water based activities. Though the standard activities such as Jet Ski Rides, Banana Rides, Speed Boat Rides, etc. seen at most of the beach attractions across India are present, Andaman Islands offers some of the immaculate activities such as Scuba Diving, Sea Walk, Sea Planes, Snorkelling and Game Fishing, introducing you a different outlook of the water world. The wonderful memories that you will make there will be cherishing for you forever.

It is a well known fact that Andaman is the best water activity in India so when you are in the island you must make sure you experience of Sea Walking and Scuba Diving. The coral reefs in Andaman Islands are the splendid ones which no one should miss. Among the other activities, the one which you can enjoy is trekking. It is suitable for the people who are looking to go off track and can indulge in this activity. You have all the rights to troll around the beaches in order to witness the amazing and beautiful views. This is one of the places in Andaman where you can find a slice of paradise during your vacation in Andaman Islands.

The Semi Submarine which is also known as the Coral Safari, is extremely recommended for kids and elder people on their visit to Andaman. Another activity which one must not miss during the vacation is the Andaman Dolphin glass boat ride. It is also a very thrilling activity that one should do in Andaman. Kayaking is another splendid activity that can be recommended to the enthusiastic couples on visit to the islands. Finally, in 2017 another exciting activity has been launched. It is regarded as India’s most unique activity called Sea Scooter and it is really a fun to see it in the Andaman.

There are some incredible historic places which deserves a visit during the tour in Andaman. These places give us a lot of information about the history of India, how the martyrs have sacrificed their lives for our independence, the torture that the Indians had to face under the British rule and so on. Andaman Islands still have the cultural vibe of the tribal communities alive. Some of the noteworthy places include the cellular jail, the Cellular Jail National Memorial, the light and sound show of the cellular jail is an exemplary of the sacrifices of the great freedom fighters of India. The wonderful picturesque of the Havelock island attracts the tourists.

The blue waters of the Neil Island are soothing and warm. The other places which deserve a mention are the wonderful Radhanagar Beach, the Elephant Beach and snorkelling, the Laxmanpur beach, the Bharatpur Beach, the Kalapathar Beach, the North Bay Island, the Ross Island, the Baratang Island and the Natural Rock Formation. The luxurious beach resorts are another major attraction for the Andaman visit. The sunset point is pleasing. You can enjoy the cruise rides to Havelock and Neil Islands.

You can experience a beach holiday like never before on this vacation to Andaman. To plan it out in a right way, you can start your holiday from Port Blair and know about the rich Indian history on a stopover to Cellular Jail. Your visit to the Cellular Jail National Memorial will be another cherishing memory for you. After you finish exploring the famous attractions of Port Blair, you will get the option to take a ferry ride to reach Havelock Island and indulge in the fun-loving water-sports activities. Then, after enjoying it, you can head to the next destination, which is the famous Neil Island.

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