Andaman Bella Bay Luxury Cruise Dinner

27th March 2020
Bella Bay Luxury Cruise Dinner

Andaman Bella Bay Luxury Cruise Dinner  

The Andaman tour package includes a luxuriousness of a cruise dinner at the Bella Bay. Here’s a look at the extravagance cruises and whether you should be paying out all that extra cost. The conventional cruises, the ones that are dashed by the leader companies on enormous ships are quite reasonably priced today. For the dinner, the prices start at around $50.00 per vary accordingly. The luxury cruises however have a diverse crowd to supply to. The prices range varies with different packages. It is just like as on airlines, there is more or less a large margin between the prices for luxury and standard class. You are likely to reimburse quite a bit more or maybe even double if you choose to have the dinner in the style of a luxury class. The actual question however is did you receive the value in a double manner?

To very honest, this depends on the tourist. There are people who choose to prefer the luxury dinner along the beach side rather than having a standard dinner. There are also the perks such as best sea foods of different varieties, alcoholic beverages. It can be expensive but your money will be worthwhile if you want to cherish a memorable experience with your near and dear ones. There are tourists who are able to afford the high prices because they enjoy the perks and comfortable seats. Cruising experience can be the best with the Andaman tour package from Bangalore, Andaman tour package from Kolkata, Andaman tour package from Chennai. There are a lot of little perks offered on luxury cruises. Here is a list of a few things to be usual on luxury cruise ships:

You would not have to bear the trouble of standing in the long queues anywhere. It also provides a Passenger Space Ratio which is the sufficient room per cruiser. The food is of outstanding quality with a multiplicity and presentation. The dining rooms have tables for mainly two as in for the couples. You can pamper yourself with the luxurious personal toiletries to have the best experience. You will have a range of good selection of premium spirits and wines from where you can choose the best one. The crew members are there who passionately look forward to your every need and are there at your beck and call. You would absolutely not find any obnoxious music in the background.

You can champagne once you embark and the fares for the Belly Bay luxury cruise dinner include the tips with increased overnight stays at ports. The sommeliers are mostly qualified and know their wines. Your cruise dinner might include the wine at free of cost with the luxurious lounge chairs of teak and handwritten notes from the cabin-stewardess. All of these depend on the cruise line. You would get to embark and disembark at your own pace in a stress free environment on the platforms that fold down near the firm for snorkeling gear, kayaks, jet- skis etc are provided.The menus for room service that are extensive. If you wish, they can also set up a special dinner on deck with various services of dining privately.

The ambiance by and large is the main variation between mainstream ships and luxury cruise liners. The conventional ships are often compared to others. They have venues for entertainment that are constant, celebrations all night and casinos. The luxury cruise liners are however different. The primary objective is to relax, revitalize and see the world and take pleasure in your companion’s company.

Andaman Bella Bay Luxury Cruise Dinner Activity Overview

TSG BELLA Bay is a luxury dinner cruise created for guests to enjoy delectable food, breath-taking views of the islands and most importantly, to lay back and relax. We cruise around the Harbour area and pass through various places of interest such as Viper Island, Dundas point, Haddo, Chattam, Bambooflat, Mount Harriet, North Bay, Ross Island and Marina Water sports complex. She departs from the Junglighat Jetty every evening.

We’re writing to you with some exciting news. With the high season kicking-off, we’re thrilled to announce our brand-new theme for Bella Bay, our luxury dinner cruise. We are turning it into a PARTY CRUISE;  AN ABSOLUTE ENTERTAINER complete with emcees, a show-stopping singer and a DJ who’ll keep your guests dancing all evening. To add to that, we’ll have a mix of fun games, music and KARAOKE! All-in-all, a real winner of an evening that your guests won’t want to miss.

Here are some important details about our new concept.

We have 3 cruise timings:
*The Sun Downer             : 4:30pm –  6:00 pm
*The Gala Evening            : 6:30 pm – 8.30 pm
*The Nocturnal Party        : 9:00pm – 11:00 pm

The timing may change based upon load and weather conditions.

Fill in the form with appropriate options as per your requirements. If you have decided the destinations you want to visit, please mention those in the Package Form. On receiving your request, we will get back to you within 24 hours.