Snorkeling at North Bay Island

Rs. 1000 per person

Snorkeling at North Bay Island
Snorkeling at North Bay Island
Snorkeling at North Bay Island
Snorkeling at North Bay Island
Snorkeling at North Bay Island
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  • Activity Overview

    In the situation that you haven't had a go at snorkeling previously, give it a go and you'll comprehend what you've been absent. As the bright reefs of North Bay Island shines through your goggles you'll realize what influenced Ringo Starr to sing "Octopus' Garden". See the submerged marine life and view the rarest of corals while getting a charge out of extraordinary compared to other water exercises in Andaman at the North Bay Island.


    • help_outline Do you offer photos from the snorkeling tour?
      Our guides normally have an underwater camera and usually takes photos during the tour. If you are interested in photos please let your guide know before you go to the water. You can then buy the photos from your guide at the end of the tour, for a price, which includes all the photos from that day. Kindly note that photos can not be guaranteed. Our customers safety and well being is our first priority, and therefore it can happen that the guide have to focus on helping the snorkelers in the water instead of taking photos.
    • help_outline Can I wear glasses on a snorkeling trip?
      Unfortunately glasses don’t create a seal between your face and the mask. We recommend to wear contact lenses instead.
    • help_outline I am pregnant, can I participate in the snorkeling tour?
      You are not able to participate in the snorkeling tour if you are pregnant.
    • help_outline Can we do snorkeling and diving at the same time?
      Some snorkeling tours match with a dive tour, and then you will be in the same area at the same time. You will however be in separate groups with separate guides, and wont be in the water exactly at the same time.
    • help_outline Do I need any previous experience?
      No, you don’t need any previous experience of snorkeling, but it is important that you can swim independently and that you are comfortable in the water.
    • help_outline What clothing should I wear?
      Please wear or bring some long underwear, and some warm socks. Wool or fleece is the best material to wear. You will be wearing your long underwear and warm socks under the dry suit.
    • help_outline Will I stay dry in the water?
      The idea behind the dry suit is that it should keep your body dry. We are using top quality dry suits from respected manufacturers. It can be good to know that where is always a small risk that water can enter the dry suit. This is not dangerous, but can feel a little cold. We recommend you bring a spare set of clothes and a towel, just in case. Kindly note that your hands and face will get wet, which is completely normal and not actually that cold.