Scuba at North Bay Island

Rs. 3300 per person

Scuba at North Bay Island
Scuba at North Bay Island
Scuba at North Bay Island
Scuba at North Bay Island
Scuba at North Bay Island
Scuba at North Bay Island
Scuba at North Bay Island
Scuba at North Bay Island
Scuba at North Bay Island
Scuba at North Bay Island
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  • Activity Overview

    It is out of the world experience. The scuba diving instructors are professional to the point that they impart trust in the frightening women as well. The perspective of the best production of Almighty as brilliant fishes, sea-going plants, corals live before our eyes leads of trance. On the off chance that anybody is visiting Andaman must do Scuba Diving at North Bay Island to secure a lifetime experience.


    • help_outline Who can dive?
      Anyone aged 10 and older (there are options for ages 8-10 as well), with a reasonable level of physical fitness, comfortable in the water and a spirit for adventure.
    • help_outline What does it feel like to breathe underwater?
      The gentle hiss of the air as you breathe in and out. The bubbles and warm water around you. The feeling of calmness, peace and quiet. The underwater world is full of light, color and life. The corals are beautiful and the fish will be close enough to touch (of course you shouldn’t). It’s amazing and it’s so much fun.
    • help_outline Is it dangerous?
      No it isn’t. Scuba diving is a safe and fun family activity. Just listen to your Instructor and follow the safety rules.
    • help_outline Can I run out of air?
      It’s possible but very unlikely. You and your Instructor can easily check your air supply. It’s like reading the petrol gauge on a car. For extra safety we always end a scuba dive with at least 25% in the tank (that’s enough spare air for about 15 minutes dive time).
    • help_outline What happens if I feel claustrophobic?
      As a beginner you will always be close to your instructor. If you feel claustrophobic just signal to your Instructor and you will go together to the surface. Andaman Scuba have Instructors that have managed all types of situations for thousands of divers. You will be guided underwater in the safest and most comfortable way dependent on your own level of confidence. You are in great hands and this is your chance to overcome any prospective adversity.
    • help_outline Will my ears hurt?
      Sometimes on a flight or diving down to the bottom of a swimming pool you may feel pain. This is because the air pressure is increasing and squeezing your ears. This won’t be a problem while you are diving because your Instructor will teach you a simple technique to prevent this (called ‘equalisation’). You’ll be able to use this technique on flights and in the swimming pool too!
    • help_outline Can I dive during my monthly menstruation period?
      Yes you can. If you can do normal daily activities during your monthly period then you can dive during menstruation too. For further questions feel free to contact our female staff.
    • help_outline Do I need my own scuba diving equipment?
      No you don’t. All rental scuba gear and a towel is included in the price. You just need to bring a swimsuit.
    • help_outline Can I communicate with my Instructor underwater?
      Yes you can. As a beginner one of the first things you will learn is how to make underwater signals before your dive begins.
    • help_outline Can I get any photo or video of my first ever scuba diving experience?
      Yes, you can. You can make request with time in hand so that we can arrange a photographer or camera for you.