10 reasons to spend your honeymoon in Andaman Islands

1st December 2019
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10 reasons to spend your honeymoon in Andaman Islands

India has many popular honeymoon sites to choose from Andaman and Nicobar Islands has become popular as a honeymoon destination for young couples. These unexplored islands are one of the best places to start your new life. There is tons of Andaman and Nicobar Islands honeymoon tour packages to cater your need. Couples can choose the packages like Andaman honeymoon packages from Kolkata or, Andaman honeymoon packages from Bangalore, etc.

The virgin and unpolluted beaches, sheer natural beauty will definitely make your honeymoon memorable. Here are the top ten reasons to spend your honeymoon in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a bunch of islands, which are less habituated and less crowded. You will get the desired privacy here. Here you can enjoy your first few days without the chaos and hustle bustle of the busy city life.
  • The capital city Port Blair has an old English charm within it. You can enjoy beach life here. Visit the cellular jail, anthropological museum and Chatham saw mill to explore the history of Andaman with your spouse. Many hotels and resorts offer special candlelight dinner or romantic nights in Port Blair. Have a shopping trip to the city markets for souvenirs or just for fun.
  • The coral beaches are the main attraction here. These beaches are less polluted and less crowdy. So you can enjoy some romantic moments with your better half.

Visit Havelock islands for the corals. The blue-green water with white sand. You can take a romantic walk or even have a quiet night on the beach. The resorts offer many options for couples. You can have a romantic open-air dinner or many other options according to your need. Then there is Neil Island. It is scheduled and unspoiled. Enjoy nature with your special person. Do not miss the sunrise. You and your loved one will enjoy this.

  • Andaman has a great option for cruise rides. You can take rides from Port Blair to Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island) or Shaheed Dweep (Neil Island). There are different types of cruise or government ferries for this purpose. But we suggest you take the capsule cruise rides for a great journey. These cruises offer cruise party, cafeteria, etc to the travelers.
  • Andaman has a lot of attraction for adventure sports lovers. Some of them like scuba diving, snorkeling, submarine ride, glass boat ride etc that couples can enjoy. A little bit of adrenaline rush with your partner can help you to bond with each other.
  • If both of you love nature then Andaman is a great honeymoon spot. Visit chidiya Tappu for birds and animals. This place is one of the best spots in Andaman to view the sunset and is not that much crowded. The afternoon sun, clear water can make every moment countable.
  • Take a long drive to Baratang Islands for the Jarwa sanctuary and limestone caves. Discover this Paleolithic tribe in their natural habitat. The beautiful roads with jungles, canals are bonus treat. The long romantic drive will surely add sparkles. Enjoy the limestone caves and see nature with its full glory.
  • Take boat rides to Ross islands and feel the imperial era lifestyle through the ruins. This small island has some magnificent edifices like officers club, office building, and church from the British era. It also offers a great view from the top.
  • If you want to explore Andaman then go to little Andaman for a short stay. This small retreat has waterfalls, unexplored beaches, creeks, rain forest. It is a popular retreat for honeymooners. This charming spot can give you two many cherished moments. You can even enjoy trekking and surfing here.
  • If you have more time visit, Diglipur Island and Indira point. The azure beaches are silent and quite. The breathtaking views from the Saddle point are one of the best natural views in the world.

These are the top main attractions of Andaman Islands. So, if you are planning for a dream honeymoon in a budget then do not hesitate to consider Andaman. Let these mystical islands help you to start a new life and a new family.